July 24, 2019

EDU: Wakelet with Misbah Gedal

EDU: Wakelet with Misbah Gedal

Misbah Gedal

  • Head of Partnership
  • Wakelet.com
  • @MisbahGedal

ACEd Topic


  • Quick history
    • Jamil Khalil
  • Curation for students
    • Digital Storytelling
  • Curation for teachers
    • Share resources
    • From social media
  • Curation for administrators & other educators
    • Newsletters
  • Curation in the business world
    • E Pluribus Unum
      • From many links, share one
  • Ambassador Program
    • Educators guide the program
  • Future: free is not a business model
    • Current free features will remain. Future features are to be decided.

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  • https://learn.wakelet.com/
    • From Pre-K to PhD, Wakelet transforms the way schools, principals, teachers and tech coaches educate. Unlock the potential of student learning and education everywhere.
  • ACEd.Tech/Amazon
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ACEd Apps

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  • Wakelet Extension
    • Type of use: EDUCATIONAL
    • Is it available on iOS? YES
    • Download on Chrome Web Store

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Misbah Gedal

Passionate about curation, tech and education! Love to start conversations and hear new ideas.
Head of Partnership