EDU: STEM Summit 2020 by ESC1

Episode 29

STEM Summit 2020

In this episode, I attended the STEM Summit hosted by ESC Region One. This allowed me to have some fun conversations with some who attended. This is what they had to say:


I'm going to start first with Gus Perez and would like to introduce yourself. Sure. So, my name is Gustavo Perez. I am a stem specialist for the original one education service center. I've been there about almost 11 years. Yeah. Do you have a Twitter handle? Yes, I do at.

Gus underscore stem.And would you like to tell me how this stem summit got started. Okay, well how it got started was actually reaching one education center was awarded a nice little grant for seed money to support the locals to academies that we be supported throughout the state here regional we had about a good first we had three 2008 grew to about 10 or eight and currently we have about 19 centavities.

So to support this schools and not just these academies, but all any school wanted to develop a student program, we thought that we needed a dedicated event.That targeted their needs and so that's how the stem it kind of kind of grew from that. Awesome, thank you appreciate it.

No worries, thank you.

So for my first interview, I have Claudio here would you like to introduce yourself?Thank you This is Claudio Caranza I work at La Feria High School, I'm at currently algebra one teacher but more importantly. I'm their East sports sponsor. You can find me on Twitter at Cadonza EDU.

I'm presenting here at Region Ones South Texas stem summit 2020 on beautiful. South Padre Island, I'm presenting on the impact of esports on students particularly. I'm looking at the secondary high school level, but I'm willing to brainstorm all the way down to your elementary school to see how esports can impact your students on your campus.

Thank you so much again, if you want to reach Claudio, that is at sea Carranza EDU on Twitter. Thank you.

Okay so the next interview I have here is for game salad Would you all like to introduce yourself Hello my name is Tan Tran, I'm the CEO of game salad and with me is Hi I'm Julie Fraleing, I'm sales sports specialist for game salad. So game salad is a platform that lets students build their own video games in the browser so you can use them on Chromebooks but their games that can be played on their phones and tablets, so they're like the games that they can download from app stores.

And we use a visual programming interface and we combine that with the curriculum that teaches them the computer science.They're using as they build games. Our curriculum comes with seven different games that they learn how to build and we also have a full middle school tech apps curriculums on the backend for teachers so that they can fill up a whole class with it.

Thank you so much and your Twitter handle, please. You can follow us at at game salad. Yeah, so game salad we're trying to turn student game players into game makers.So our platform is also really diverse in that students can use it anywhere from middle school all the way through post-secondary.

Our older students enjoy using it for game design testing original concepts for games, whereas our younger students enjoy using it to learn basic coding concepts before they move on into more advanced programming languages.Thank you so much and that was game salad. I'm actually interested in this so I'll take some of these flyers and I'll look more into it.

Thank you.

Next step, we have Maggie here. Would you like to introduce yourself? Hi, I sure will. My name is Magdalena. Maggio. Jeda my Twitter handle is at church Maggie and I am a specialist at Region 1.A little bit about my presentation or the presentations. I'm hosting at Stem Summit this year.

It's an introduction into esports for education and what we've been doing regionally what's happening nationally was happening globally. I hope you come by and see us bye.Thank you so much Maggie and again, that is at Chirp Maggie.

Okay, so next up we're going to introduce Matthew Garcia with Maker Maven Maker. Maven is a full-service stem and steam education company. So we partner with the best vendors in stem and steam spaces to provide the electronics coating and robotics structural engineering concepts for use with our educators in everyday classroom or makerspace use.

Alright, and you have a Twitter handle. Yes, our Twitter handle is at Maker underscore Maven. All right, thank you so much.

I am here with Mike Chuka. Would you like to introduce yourself? Hello. I'm Mike Chuka, I'm the director for instructional technology at region 1 educational service center.And your Twitter handle at Mike Chukka, very basic and what was your presentation about why I was just a little bit more of you know, being able to be aware of all the tools that are that are available for STEM tools that are available for educators, but most importantly is how to utilize them in the classroom how to be able to bring them in to their curriculum.

You don't have to you know, reinvent the wheel just a matter of making sure that you know, you're bringing in those tools to what you already doing.Awesome. Thank you.

And in this section, I'm going to interview Jim so can you tell us about TSI? Alright teaching systems. I've been in business for over 50 years. We provide career and technology with laser engravers plasma tables portable stem labs 3D printers. We've been actually selling 3D printers a lot of people don't realize that they've been out for 25 years.

We've been selling them for 15 years to schools. Started out at 30,000 now, they're you know under a thousand so.The laser engravers are the most popular because they use them for fundraisers and for education and for the IT departments because they can do asset tagging and marking things like that.

So yeah.Awesome. Thank you. And your Twitter handle is at teaching systems. Thank you so much.

Alright so if you don't mind introduce yourself, I'm a teacher at portable high school.And you have a tutor handle yes, it's a wrinkonis l.All right and also what was one of the key takeaways for stem summit 2020 key takeaway would be just the amount of participation in the schools and school districts that are participating in esports not just currently participating but the amount of interest there is in new schools entering that that motor competition is just it was surprising just the the the number of schools that were interested in it.

Awesome, thank you.