Create a Yearbook using Google Slides with Jennifer Scott

Episode 16

Guest Star

Jennifer Scott

  • Compton Jr. High School in Bakersfield, CA
  • Classroom Teacher
    • English, History
    • Yearbook
  • Twitter: @JenTechnology
  • 19 years in the classroom, 
  • Google Innovator with #Mex16
  • Google Innovator Coach with #Mex18

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ACEd Topic


ACEd Apps

Review Previous Apps
  • ColorZilla Chrome Extension
    • Sometimes we see a color combination on website that we want to replicate OR we love the color in a particular photo, Colorzilla will copy that color’s hex code, which we can paste into a Google App
    • Download on Chrome Web Store

Postal Flip Call Out

  • Have you used Slides for a Yearbook?
  • How have you used Slides?


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