Strategic Selection & Integration of Ed Tech with Sarah Ostorga

Episode 9

Guest Star

Sarah Ostorga

  • Juarez Lincoln high school, la joya isd
  • Science Teacher and campus pr rep
  • Cal lab/ science dept.
  • (Electronic Portfolio- has everything)
  • B.S. in Biology Minor in Chemistry & Minor in Psychology/ pending graduation this dec 2018 M.S. in Educational Technology with a certificate in Electronic Learning and a certificate in Technology Leadership.

G Sweet Ideas

Google for Educations Updates
  • Security Updates
    • Enable the Rate-Limiting Email Alert
    • It’s easier to set up android work devices
    • An organization will soon be able to see which g suite apps are used more frequently and how are teams working together.
    • Investigation tool in g suite security center now available
  • Hangouts
    • Chat: React with Emojis
    • Chat: Snooze notifications
    • Chat: Using chatbots in hangouts is available, now you will be able to use third party bots
  • New Priority feature in Drive will suggest files you might need to work on and organization.
  • Google File Stream will let you monitor Microsoft Office files with a new feature called, real-time presence.
  • New Google Sites
    • Layouts & Buttons
    • Embedding Google Forms better
  • The Quick Access Side Panel which includes Tasks, Keep, and other add-ons is now available from docs, sheets, slides, calendar, and more
    • Say Goodbye to Inbox
    •  Say Goodbye to Offline Chrome app
    • Migration to new gmail begins

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ACEd Topic


  • When it comes to choosing Google, Android, Apple, or any tool for Education, in my experience, the selection and integration of tools in a school setting does not always integrate a strategic approach. In most cases, when technology is selected the primary focus is finances. Although that is an important factor when selecting Educational technology it should not be the sole factor. Also the selection is sometimes done too quickly. Good decisions can be made when we take time to think them through. In the case of Educational Technology this is essential factor to making the best selections. At this time I am taking a Technology Leadership Course where we are learning about all of the steps to strategically select and integrate Educational Technology in a K-12, University, and Corporate setting. Some of the steps and what they entail are as follows:
  • Strategic Selection & Integration of Ed Tech:
    • Planning Your Technology Initiatives
      • Have an organization Technology Plan Ex: District Technology Plan for Education
    • Selecting Your Technology Solutions
      • Thinking through Options
      • Performing a Build Versus Buy Analysis
      • Selecting Software for Classrooms
      • Dealing with Hardware
      • Evaluating Human Resources (what is realistically available currently)
      • Choosing and Preparing a Site where the technology would be implemented (example making sure there are projectors drops if preparing to utilize smart boards)
      • Analyzing Costs and Establishing a Budget
      • Vendor/Contractor Qualifications
      • Legal Issues
      • Comparing Costs to Benefits (This would be a crucial step to include those that will be involved in using the tool)
      • Make a decision
    • Training for Your Technology
      • Who Should Receive Professional Development?
      • What Types of Professional Development are Needed?
      • Professional Development for Novice Users
      • Professional Development for Advanced Users
      • Professional Development for Technical Support Personnel
      • When Should Professional Development Be Provided?
      • Who Should Deliver Professional Development?
      • Developing an In-House Training Staff
      • Using Software Application Training Materials
      • Where Should Professional Development Be Provided?
      • When is Additional Training Needed?
      • What about Training Students?
      • Professional Development Goals
      • Evaluating Professional Development Programs
      • Possible Indicators for Assessing Technology-Related Professional Development

Beyond EdTech

  • According to 9-to-5 Google, Google is working on Play Points. So if you buy from google play, like apps, books, movie rentals, etc. You can receive play points. It is currently available in japan
  • According to The Verge, Some users for Android Pie noticed that their Battery Saver feature was turned on. It was Google’s fault and have since corrected this.
    • Good: Parental Control
      • According to Android Police, Google’s Family Link adds teen supervision
    • Bad: Mistakes during emergencies
  • According to Android Police, Android Auto will be available in millions of cars.
  • Google Celebrates:
    • It’s 20th Birthday
    • Chrome’s 10th birthday
    • And According to PCWorld, 10 years since the launch of the first official Android Phone, the T-Mobile G1 by HTC
  • According to New York Times & The Verge, President Trump attacks big tech, including Google.
  • According to Android Central, the game Fortnite is finally available on android but it came with a vulnerability. This exploit hijacks the downloaded file and installs the payload. It has since been fixed. But this wouldn’t have happened if it was on the Play Store.
  • According to Axios, a study in california suggests that most Autonomous vehicle accidents are caused by humans.
  • Google Home is now bilingual
  • According to engadget, Alphabet Loon or Google’s balloon that provides internet access is increasing its range and capability.
  • According to ZDNet California will now require IOT Devices, or connected internet of things devices, to have some type of security measure to include OTA, or over the air, updates.
  • The founders of both WhatsApp and Instragram left Facebook according to Forbes and the New York Times
  • According to Windows Central, the Chromebook Campfire will allow dual boot in to Chrome OS or Windows. 

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