Creating Videos to Show Learning with Nancy Penchev

Episode 8

Guest Star

Nancy Penchev

  • Organization Scheck Hillel Community School in North Miami Beach, Florida
  • I LAB instructor and Instructional Technology Coordinator for the lower school
  • Technology and Project based learning based on what students are learning in their Social Studies class for grades K-5, grades 3 and 4 also come for a coding course
  • @penchevable on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube
  • BA Elementary, MS in Early Childhood, Instructional Tech, Google 1 certified and working toward 2

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  • FETC 5 presentations: Blended Learning concurrent session, Bringing History to Life workshop, Student led clubs poster, Green Screen with DoInk Skillbuilder, MySimpleShow poster

ACEd Topic


  • Magisto is an easy to use app that is free or paid. The free version gives you shorter videos. I found it valuable enough to get the paid version.
  • It allows you to make movies that look like they took a lot of time and effort, but in reality the program does all the work. 
  • Simple how to. Select your pictures and videos you want included, click next. Now you get to select the style that makes it look professional.
  • You can select no filter, but I love the way it looks with the special effect with the different styles. Now you select your soundtrack. Click the play button to hear your options. You can filter by types of music to make sure you can find the type you want. For example if you don’t want vocals, you can pick instrumental. If you want to use no music or your own, touch the three dots on the top and select your choice. Now add your title and review your choices. When everything is to your liking, click make a movie. While your film is processing you do not have to remain on the app.
  • You will get a notification and an email when it’s ready. Once it is processed you can save or edit the movie. Then you will be able to make it public or private, post it to social media or email it.
  • Magisto also allows you to download the movie to your device.

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