Raspberry Pi with Efren Rodriguez

Episode 5

Guest Star

Efren Rodriguez

  • Chemistry and Computer Science Teacher
  • Science Dept
  • Port Isabel High School, Point Isabel ISD
  • RGVSA Board Member 
  • @EfrenR 
  • Chaper Leader GEG-SOUTX
  • GCE Level 2 
  • Raspberry Pi Certified Educator

G Sweet Ideas

Google for Educations Updates

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ACEd Topic

Raspberry Pi

  • Why R.Pi
    • $35 Computer
    • Over 7 Programming Languages
  • PiTop
    • Kickstarter
  • PiCademy
  • Whole Drive is an SD Card
    • Same R. Pi
    • Different SDs
  • Scratch
    • Block Programming
  • Python
    • Typing
  • Light Up LED
  • GPIO Pins
  • Maker Movement
  • Sonic Pi
    • By a DJ
  • Minecraft
    • Solo
  • Programs which will create buildings
  • Google AIY
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Sold on Target
    • Vision Past Camera
  • Android Things

Beyond EdTech

  • Google I/O
    • Predict Heart Attacks and other Health complications
    • Gmail will have smart compose.
    • Photos converts to pdf, and BW photos to color.
    • Google News better understanding of news
    • Android P predicts what you are going to do next, ML Kit, allow time limits
    • Maps, your match, AR as Walking directions
    • AR to copy and paste text from real world, lense can help with real time scanning of everyday objects
    • Waymo launching in Phoenix
    • More Assistant voices, and turn on the Pretty Please setting, duplex can make phone calls
    • The beer emoji has been fixed.

ACEd Apps

Postal Flip Call Out

  • What's your favorite:
    • Raspberry Pi implementation?
    • Google I/O moment?
    • AR Core app?


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