Nearpod & Seesaw with Marisol & Johana

Episode 2

Guest Stars

Marisol H. Salinas

  • Edinburg CISD - Norma Linda Trevino Elementary
  • 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Technology Ambassador at ECISD, Seesaw Ambassador, Class Dojo Mentor
  • Twitter: @MSalinas2nd

Johana Resendez

  • Edinburg CISD - Norma Linda Trevino Elementary
  • 5th Grade Teacher
  • Technology Ambassador at ECISD, Seesaw Ambassador, Class Dojo Mentor

G Sweet Ideas

Google for Education Updates
  • Google Drive add the ability to comment on Microsoft Files. More Here.
  • Team Drive add the ability to email members. More Here.
  • Google Drive Files change their editor menus. More Here.
    • Some will be renamed
    • Some will be reordered
    • One will be removed
      • Select none under Edit
  • Publish to specific audience now available. More Here.
    • Best used with Google Groups
  • Google Calendar Changes
    • New View is better with a small learning curve if you’ve used the old one. More Here.
    • Old View will no longer be available, switch now. More Here.
  • Google Arts & Culture Selfie doesn’t work in Texas. More Here.
  • Google Play Audiobooks
    • Google Home
  • YouTube TV. More Here.
    • Cord Cutters & Nevers
  • Motion Stills now with AR. More Here.

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ACEd Topic

Tech integration for elementary
  • Nearpod
    • Slides
    • Activities
    • Polls 
    • VR
  • Seesaw
    • Create, share, collaborate
    • Parents can view
      • And get notified
    • All work uploaded instead of journals
    • Write notes with emojis to connect what they are learning.
    • Develop digital citizenship skills
    • Draw & Doodle
    • Can be moderated

Beyond EdTech

  • Amazon’s Echo loses her voice. More Here
    • Superbowl ads.
    • Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s CEO) wins the ads according to USA Today’s Ad Meter
  • Nest merges with Google
    • Alphabet owns Google.
  • Genius Hour
    • Google Wave
  • Google Does Game Streaming. More Here
  • Net Neutrality. More Here
    • Most people are pro Net Neutrality
    • Most people against Net Neutrality is fear of government control
  • Retweeting could be copyright infringement. More Here

ACEd Apps

By Johana

  • Target Cartwheel

By Marisol

Postal Flip Call Out

How do you use:
  • Nearpod
  • Seesaw
#trypod (March is try a new podcast month)
  • What podcast should I try?


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