Open eBooks with Ana Maria Perez

Episode 1

Guest Star

Ana Maria Perez πŸ€“

  • Librarian
  • La Joya ISD - Juarez-Lincoln High School
  • ELA/SS Teacher for 12 years
  • Librarian for 7 years
  • Campus Technologist
  • #EdTech Presenter
  • Google Certified Educator - L1
  • Twitter: @AnaMPerez1
  • Email: 

About the podcast

  • Monthly Podcast (at least the first year)
  • It will be a Similar format where the Star of the Episode is our guest.

G Sweet Ideas

Google for Educations Updates
  • Camera is back for Google Drive documents.
  • Embed JavaScript & HTML. More…
  • Search within Google Drive folders. More…
    • Rename your files to easily search.
    • Start a file
  • New navigation menu in the Admin Console. More...
  • Flipgrid now uses Google’s SSO. Share to Classroom was already available.
  • Few of 2017 Updates
    • In Google Classroom, differentiated instruction by assigning different work to different students.
    • New Chromebooks with Stylus & USB-C. More…
      • Autodesk Sketchbook
    • Create multiple columns on Google Docs. More...
    • Google Forms can be used as Quizzes and the grades are automatically in Classroom. More…
    • Transfer ownership of a Classroom classes
    • Google Keep integration on Slides and Docs
    • Be Internet Awesome: Digital Citizenship. More…
    • YouTube loses the Editor tool. More…
      • WeVideo
    • Google Drive app shutting down. More...

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ACEd Topic

Open eBooks

  • Started with Michelle Obama & three Non-Profits
  • Fund eBooks for Low SES, Military, and Special Needs Children.
  • It’s an Android app.
  • Soon to come: Desktop use.
  • There are several TOP publisher who are participating in this program.
  • Ask a librarian for help.
  • A class with a tablet set can read the same book at the same time.

Beyond EdTech

  • Why Tech News
    • As artificial intelligence or AI and robotics start to take over jobs, it is important that Ed Tech is tied to real world use.
    • Students are learning for jobs that do not exist yet.
  • Bitcoin
    • How money works: Not Gold. More...
    • Zimbabwe Currency hyperinflation. More…
    • Blockchain is the future of currency
      • Estonia aims to be the first to use Cryptocurrency as the official country’s currency. More about Estcoin
    • Etherium aims to be worth more than Bitcoin.
    • Max approx. $19K USD. As of the recording $11K USD
  • CES

ACEd Apps

Postal Flip Call Out

What is Your Favorite:
  • New Google Sites Embed ideas
  • Chromebook Stylus ideas
  • Reasons for transferring Google Classroom ownership
  • Online video editor tools
  • CES anecdotes
  • Or if you already use Open eBooks, what advice can you give.


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